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2016 Nissan GT-R Hybrid is Making its Debut at New York Motor Show

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11 Apr 2014
nissan GTR Nismo 2016

Hybrid Hyper Car is becoming a trend these days and Hybrid enthusiasts are seeing Nissan in the action in this field and they have confirmed that the 2016 Nissan GT-R Hybrid will make its public debut at the New York Auto show and it will have 800 horsepower collectively from engine and Hybrid power train. […]

7 Apr 2014
Cars will become Smartphones

Cars will connect even more with the world around us The days when a car will just be a vehicle to transport people from one destination to another, will soon end as it will become a rolling, seat belted mobile device. At the present, most vehicles need your smart phone plugged in so you can […]

4 Apr 2014
Ford Mondeo Interior

Ford Mondeo Goes Electric The news is that the new 2015 Ford Mondeo will launch with a hybrid version priced at the same level as a diesel. The new 2015 Ford Mondeo will launch with a hybrid version priced at the same level as a diesel, MSN Cars has learned. The belated Mondeo will make […]

2 Apr 2014
Careless Driving

Careless Driving Will Cost You a Lot Traffic cops have pulled over more than 5,000 motorists under new laws to curb lane hogging and tailgating. A  Freedom of Information request was submitted to all 45 forces to see how many they’d stopped and why, and can reveal 5,472 drivers have been stopped since 16 August, […]

31 Mar 2014

Do you know which day of the week UK drivers hate the most? It’s Monday. This has been revealed in a new insurance data by insurance website’s 2013 claim data. It found that drivers were 17% more likely to have an accident and then claim on a Mondays than any other day. The data […]

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