Production of Low Emission Cars to be Hastened by Mazda and Toyota

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Production of Low Emission Cars to be Hastened by Mazda and Toyota

13 May 2015
Toyota and Mazda

The partnership of two giants will hopefully increase the number of low emission units to be produced in coming years


In response to ever tightening regulations for low emission vehicles in Europe, two of Japanese biggest car manufacturers, Toyota and Mazda are holding talks for a major partnership. It is said that this partnership intends to increase the production of low emission vehicles such as plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars.


Green Technologies to Come


For the development of key green technologies, these two auto makers are planning to reach some sort of agreement in principal. It is learned that in this collaboration, Toyota is going to supply Mazda its plug-in hybrid and fuel cell technology whereas Mazda is going to offer it landmark ‘Skyactiv’ technology for increased fuel efficiency in petrol and diesel vehicles.


Reduce Air Pollution


Reports also say that the discussions on this partnership have reached final stages and as a result Mazda most probably would buy commercial vehicles from Toyota and the purchasing of cars parts could be done jointly. This partnership has been prompted as a result of ever tightening environmental regulations throughout the world. Consequently putting a lot of pressure on the automakers to reduce air pollution by developing low emission and fuel economical engines.


Emerging Markets for HEVs


In the light of these new regulations, it is expected that by the year 2018, California will become the largest auto market for electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In the UK last month according to a Supreme Court ruling, the government has been instructed to take urgent and necessary measures to meet the limits set by the European Union.



China is one of the fastest growing auto markets in the world and it has also introduced many policies to fight the smog in its cities. Let’s see what comes out of the bag when they collaborate.


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