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Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Allow Large Engines to Survive

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30 Mar 2016
ALPINA BMW Keyvisual

The carbon emission offsets offered by ultra-low emission cars are the last hope for larger engines to survive Legislation on exhaust gases and carbon dioxide have made the life tough for larger engines and these legislations focus on an automaker’s range average which should let big BMW engines to survive by offsetting the CO2 emissions […]

19 Jan 2016
2010 BMW 320d

Having the B47 under the hood means you get brilliant fuel economy and superb performance   The 3 Series has always been one of the most admired one from BMW but this time, it’s even better thanks to its refined diesel engine.   How is the new BMW 320d better than predecessors?   The biggest […]

15 Jan 2016
Vauxhall Vectra VXR

Vauxhall Vectra VXR is the real deal   What Vectra Offers?   Vauxhall’s VXR is an elite model at the highest point of the Vectra range in hatchback and especially the hatchback shape. The speediest Vectra to date with a top rate of 161mph offers a 0-60mph sprint time of 6.5 seconds. Its Smooth turbocharged […]

3 Aug 2015
Audi A9 Concept

  This new car can do wonders, from changing colour to repairing itself, and much more…   If you own a magnificent, superhot, extremely exotic hypercar, and for some bloody reason, you have damaged it, ah! It’s a damn pity. Now you have a hefty repair bill to pay and it will take plenty of […]

20 Oct 2014
Mercedes-AMG GTS

The all new AMG GT S moves right into the hearts of power frenzy with its wildly agile 503bhp engine and inspiring retro touches   It was an unforgettable first experience of riding a Mercedes having engine of 503bhp with AMG and GT treatments. It is a truly wild machine that has utmost agility to […]

24 Sep 2014
Citroen C1 Urban Ride

Citroen headed for 2014 Paris Motor Show at full throttle, the C1 Urban Ride Concept joins the party   Citroen is moving at full throttle for the Paris Motor Show and have a fleet of new models and concepts to introduce at the show. The C1 Urban Ride is a hot crossover concept which joins […]

26 Aug 2014
Alfa Romeo 6C 2016

Alfa Romeo is gearing up to give a tough time to Jaguar F-Type with a new Alfa, 6C coupe similar to the Maserati Alfieri concept   After launching two breathtaking models in the near past, a carbon fibre 4C and an 8C supercar, now Alfa Romeo is introducing another Alfa which will give a tough […]

5 Aug 2014
Autonomous Vehicles

A confidential FBI report on autonomous cars has been leaked and revealed a fear about self driving cars FBI report says that the drivers-less cars are active threat for a country and can be used by the terrorists as a lethal weapon. This report refers to the game-changing nature of these advanced driverless cars and […]

14 May 2014

Google Self Driving Car   Google has been showing its self-driving robot cars in California to journalists around Mountain View, California. The whole exercise was to show how easily Google cars can navigate automatically and safely around city streets. Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X, said the company was thinking “very actively” about how self-driving […]

29 Apr 2014

With a retro-inspired styling, Scat Pack and Shaker trims, Dodge have taken Challenger to a whole new level   At the 2014 New York Auto Show, Dodge presented the new Charger with extreme make over and now comes the 2015 Challenger packed with a mighty 6.4L V8 Scat Pack engine churning out 485 horsepower, Shaker […]

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