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An Insight Into The Vectra VXR

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15 Jan 2016
Vauxhall Vectra VXR

Vauxhall Vectra VXR is the real deal   What Vectra Offers?   Vauxhall’s VXR is an elite model at the highest point of the Vectra range in hatchback and especially the hatchback shape. The speediest Vectra to date with a top rate of 161mph offers a 0-60mph sprint time of 6.5 seconds. Its Smooth turbocharged […]

26 Jun 2015

  Uber technologies says that the drivers and passengers are now banned from carrying guns while they are using the Uber Platform.   Uber technologies has banned the drivers and passengers from carrying any kind of firearms, any of the drivers or passengers, if they do not respect the rules, will not be able to […]

12 Jun 2015
Accident Prevention system

A recommendation from federal agency suggests the use of collision-avoidance technology to be made a standard on all vehicles   While driving a car, the biggest risk to life is the carelessness of your own or some other driver, resulting in a collision, claiming the precious human life. Car manufacturers are exerting a lot of […]

5 Aug 2014
Autonomous Vehicles

A confidential FBI report on autonomous cars has been leaked and revealed a fear about self driving cars FBI report says that the drivers-less cars are active threat for a country and can be used by the terrorists as a lethal weapon. This report refers to the game-changing nature of these advanced driverless cars and […]

5 Jun 2014
Ford's Adaptive Steering

Ford’s New Steering Technology Ford will launch a new Adaptive Steering system as they believe it will improve handling at both high and low speeds. This new technology works by changing the ratio of turns required to move the front wheels depending on how fast the car moves. Ford says that it makes vehicles “easier […]

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