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Vauxhall Feels Proud at Geneva Show

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2 Mar 2016
Vauxhall GT

With a GT Coupe Similar to Mazda MX-5 size, Vauxhall Feels Proud at Geneva Vauxhall GT uses a 1.0-litre Vauxhall engine but it is muscular enough when it comes to the displacement of only 1000cm3because it cranks 144bhp of power. It is not a common engine actually, it boasts a turbocharger to make you feel […]

17 Feb 2016
Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Continues With the Ford’s Tradition of Delivering the High-Performance Engines Introduction The Ford Focus RS is delivering the fast, fun and practical high-performance machines at the cheapest price. It continues the Ford tradition with offering a wonderful Ford engine. Electrifying acceleration and agile handling are the real highlights along with turbocharged engine […]

10 Feb 2016
Toyota Yaris

All new Toyota Yaris hatchback gets a design refresh for 2016 which includes new paint jobs as well Toyota Yaris gets mid-life refinement package and it has been updated with several optional equipment, refined Yaris engine and design trims. A bi-colour paint job has been done for the new Yaris 2016 and it is available […]

12 Mar 2015
VW Passat Alltrack

Volkswagen is calling this new Passat Estate a “Go-anywhere” car   At Geneva Motor Show 2015, there were supercars, concepts, saloon, and hatches everywhere from all the major auto manufacturers. Among all these jaw-dropping hypercars, there was something a little more practical about this one particular car, yes! We’re talking about VW Passat Alltrack. The […]

24 Sep 2014
Citroen C1 Urban Ride

Citroen headed for 2014 Paris Motor Show at full throttle, the C1 Urban Ride Concept joins the party   Citroen is moving at full throttle for the Paris Motor Show and have a fleet of new models and concepts to introduce at the show. The C1 Urban Ride is a hot crossover concept which joins […]

22 Apr 2014
Cadallic Esclade 2015

As auto-market is changing greatly to the sleek crossovers and shunning the boxy SUVs out, this huge Escalade will succeed     The SUVs have always been admired and much appreciated by a large number of off-roaders as well as family drivers. This year Cadillac has launched the new luxury SUV, Escalade, which is one […]

18 Apr 2014
BMW 9-series GT

BMW is all set to introduce its new concept luxury saloon, 9-Series at the Beijing Motor Show   At the end of this April, BMW is all set to introduce its new concept luxury saloon, 9-Series at the Beijing Motor Show. The rumours are out that BMW is planning to position this luxury saloon against […]

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