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A small but amazingly powerful car, Toyota Yaris

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25 Aug 2020

A perfect choice for a small family Trade within Yaris has intensified, yet its shortcomings are discouraged by low-quality content. Upstairs, the most inconvenient in terms of passenger space and boots is widespread in cars. Simple driving to the Toyota Yaris around the surroundings with light controls and tight turns. Regardless, on the motor route, […]

24 Nov 2017
Toyota RAV4

Interior space and safety features are some other positives It is somewhat a rare trait that a SUV presents itself as beautiful, stunning or elegant. Toyota RAV4 has something different from others in its category. And this ‘something else’ is in a positive sense. This mid-sized SUV is not a new one in the selling, […]

4 May 2016
Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 is a fun to drive as an affordable sports car that still follows the old school recipe Toyota has made several the best cars that earn the fame in the world but their GT 86 is a sports car for poor fans. When we have hyper cars like Agera, Veyron and super […]

10 Feb 2016
Toyota Yaris

All new Toyota Yaris hatchback gets a design refresh for 2016 which includes new paint jobs as well Toyota Yaris gets mid-life refinement package and it has been updated with several optional equipment, refined Yaris engine and design trims. A bi-colour paint job has been done for the new Yaris 2016 and it is available […]

13 May 2015
Toyota and Mazda

The partnership of two giants will hopefully increase the number of low emission units to be produced in coming years   In response to ever tightening regulations for low emission vehicles in Europe, two of Japanese biggest car manufacturers, Toyota and Mazda are holding talks for a major partnership. It is said that this partnership […]

9 Jul 2014
Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Our Love with the Toyota Prius-Plug In The 2014 Prius Plug-in Hybrid is the smallest range plug-in in the market today with all-electric range of 6 miles from full to empty, and a ‘blended’ petrol + electric range of 11 miles from a full charge. Yet U.S. sales of Toyota’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid are […]

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