Driverless Cars Can Be Used For Terrorist Activities in Your Country

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Driverless Cars Can Be Used For Terrorist Activities in Your Country

5 Aug 2014
Autonomous Vehicles

A confidential FBI report on autonomous cars has been leaked and revealed a fear about self driving cars

FBI report says that the drivers-less cars are active threat for a country and can be used by the terrorists as a lethal weapon. This report refers to the game-changing nature of these advanced driverless cars and their unidentified capabilities to transform the swift technology chase. there are several companies like Toyota, Nissan, Volvo and several german automakers are working on self driving cars

The FBI further predicts that the self driving cars such as the Google’s self driving car which do not need any human input to drive, can badly impact the law enforcement strategies and suspects can do some horrific things with the help of this car. Some active threats could be criminal activities, such as, a programmed car could be used as a get away as passenger can easily deal with chasers without having to concentrate on the road.



This report is exposed by The Guardian, along with some benefits of these self driving cars that could allow better policing in the area. The Guardian states; “Surveillance will be made more effective and easier, with less of a chance that a patrol car will lose sight of a target vehicle.”

It can be easily programmed to get behind the target at very safe distance to avoid detection but on other hand Google says that it is very early to discuss any safety or security concerns because they have designed the best of the best safety system and it is planning to do more.


UK Home Office declined to comment whether it had considered the threat of driverless cars but the recent EU legislations dictate that any self driving car used in the UK, cannot be left unattended and there should be a driver available in the car. Volvo on other hand has several driverless prototypes on the road and they explained that there are several safety systems in the car that ensure a safe journey.

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