Ford’s Next Generation Steering Technology, Coming to Europe in 2015

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Ford’s Next Generation Steering Technology, Coming to Europe in 2015

5 Jun 2014
Ford's Adaptive Steering

Ford’s New Steering Technology

Ford will launch a new Adaptive Steering system as they believe it will improve handling at both high and low speeds. This new technology works by changing the ratio of turns required to move the front wheels depending on how fast the car moves. Ford says that it makes vehicles “easier to manoeuvre and more enjoyable to drive”, Ford has attempted to express its new Adaptive Steering system with a traditional fixed ratio set-up.


Adaptive steering system needs fewer turns of the wheel to achieve the same movement – as traditional system do – on the road which will make parking and tight city driving less stressful. When you speed up, the system automatically adjusts for smooth driving and drivers’ input with a view to increase the car’s alertness.



A precision-controlled actuator, an electric motor and gearing system are the main components of this new system. The Adaptive Steering add-on is fitted inside the steering wheel. It subtracts from the driver’s input at source.


The new tech will arrive in Europe next year and will be fitted to larger Ford models which include the new Edge SUV and second-generation S-MAX.


Can you foresee massive understeers and side collisions with barriers?

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