Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Allow Large Engines to Survive

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Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Allow Large Engines to Survive

30 Mar 2016
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The carbon emission offsets offered by ultra-low emission cars are the last hope for larger engines to survive

Legislation on exhaust gases and carbon dioxide have made the life tough for larger engines and these legislations focus on an automaker’s range average which should let big BMW engines to survive by offsetting the CO2 emissions for now. The majority of automakers are taking initiatives to decrease the carbon emissions on their larger engines but here in this case, BMW is increasing the low emission vehicle line-up to offset the CO2 outputs.

CO2 Offsetting process

The carmaker says high-performance combustion engines will be manufactured as long as they are in demand.

They will be adding more hybrid and plug-in hybrid models to their line-up and it will ultimately help in decreasing the average carbon footprints. In the future, because of the majority of ultra-low emission models, overall emission levels will remain low.

What BMWsays?

Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing says that the way CO2 output is now regulated permits automakers to manufacture less resourceful models, as long as there are low and zero-emission models in the line-up.

“Supervisory bodies across the globe emphasise into controlling the average quantity of exhaust emissions a car maker’s line-up emits, rather than concentrating on each model,” he said. “This means, in philosophy, there will be a car with a V12 at one end of the range, and to support it, zero emission models on the other end of the line-up will offset the CO2 emissions.

Current CO2 Average

Currently, BMW averages at 127g/km in its entire range of models. Although it is very in the industry but BMW has plans to further decrease it to around 95g/km by 2020. The target is less than four years from now and BMW says that will attain its targets.

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