What Audi A9 Concept Car Capable of?

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What Audi A9 Concept Car Capable of?

3 Aug 2015
Audi A9 Concept


This new car can do wonders, from changing colour to repairing itself, and much more…


If you own a magnificent, superhot, extremely exotic hypercar, and for some bloody reason, you have damaged it, ah! It’s a damn pity. Now you have a hefty repair bill to pay and it will take plenty of time to have it done. But Audi took this all to a whole new level of auto ecstasy, something brilliantly psychedelic, a supercar that can change its colour and able to repair itself.


Who Is The Man Responsible For This Swanky Creature?


Who else could it be than the famous and talented Spanish designer, Daniel Garcia? The man responsible for creating an awe-inspiring and stylish concept of Audi A9. The Ducati 6098R concept back in 2009 was his previous work which showed how creative and thoughtful Garcia is and what kind of ingenuity he can bring to his work.


Where did he get the inspiration from?


He already has plenty of brains for himself but still, Santiago Calatrava’s buildings in Valencia, his hometown, particularly paid a higher contribution towards this magnificent design. Calatrava has already created wonders in Valencia, none of his buildings looks anything of this time, and they are all highly futuristic, with modern and plush looks. And one can easily describe the looks of car resembling that futuristic flamboyance.


What this beauty is made of?


For the first time ever, they are going to use a nanotechnology material to make the roof and windscreen, this material will be having the ability to adjust colours and repair the car automatically. Surprisingly, the material they plan to use for Audi A9 concept doesn’t even exist right now. Keeping that it mind, we can assume that this concept is still a far cry from the reality and we might not see it in action in the near future.


As far as the idea is concerned, it sounds really awesome, and promising to some extent. Doesn’t it?


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