Toyota Yaris Gets a Design Refresh for 2016

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Toyota Yaris Gets a Design Refresh for 2016

10 Feb 2016
Toyota Yaris

All new Toyota Yaris hatchback gets a design refresh for 2016 which includes new paint jobs as well

Toyota Yaris gets mid-life refinement package and it has been updated with several optional equipment, refined Yaris engine and design trims. A bi-colour paint job has been done for the new Yaris 2016 and it is available as an option. It is contrasting a black colour to the roof, upper grille and pillars.

Modification Package

A bi-tone grey interior and black headlights offered on the new model however, inside the cabin, new Yaris has been equipped with new touchscreen infotainment system.

This system has a DAB Radio integration, Bluetooth connectivity and much more as optional. Optional features include a reversing camera system, satellite navigation system and most importantly Toyota’s safety sense pack.

A Best built supermini

Apart from the exterior design changes, interior design has also received some refreshment where two tone grey makes the supermini looks good. Interior feels best built where central console mounted touchscreen gives a clear image of everything, even it is a rear cam or sat-nav maps.

New design trims add 16-inch alloy wheels and LED lights. On the 16-inch alloy wheels, new Yaris rides very smooth.

smooth car from Toyota is Toyota Funky i-Ride

Toyota Yaris Engines

All refined 1.3-litre Toyota Yaris engine feels gutless with the ability of producing 100bhp. The new Yaris a lightweight car and engine gets full benefit of it weight, especially on the motorway. However, at low speeds, it provides enough zip. A 1.0-litre Ecoboost Ford Fiesta engine has the same performance figures but it feels much peppier than a Yaris engine. Though the handling wise, Fiesta has some advantages over the new Yaris but it is still a smooth and perfect Toyota city car. There are other factors that Toyota uses to appeal the customers of its Yaris supermini.

There is a great competition in this particular segment of automotive market and rivals like Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2 cater for keen drivers. While Fiat 500 and SEAT Ibiza suit the stylish drivers.

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