Ford Focus RS Holds the Engine Power

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Ford Focus RS Holds the Engine Power

17 Feb 2016
Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Continues With the Ford’s Tradition of Delivering the High-Performance Engines


The Ford Focus RS is delivering the fast, fun and practical high-performance machines at the cheapest price. It continues the Ford tradition with offering a wonderful Ford engine.

Electrifying acceleration and agile handling are the real highlights along with turbocharged engine which renders the sweat soundtrack. No sooner does we hear the sound of the engine then we feel comfortable. We can’t remain without appreciating its engine maker. It has a beautiful shape, sweet sounds and efficient tweaks.


The beauty of Focus RS can’t be negated. The world has decided that Focus RS is a standalone model, which has the separate recognition. It offers only one engine choice – but it’s a corker. Ford Mustang has recently introduced turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine. It features a number of tweaks that push power and torque up to 345bhp and 440Nm respectively.

Technical highlight reveals a separate oil cooler, a larger turbocharger, a high capacity radiator and a large bore exhaust. Old fast fords fan will be encouraged to discover that British tuning specialists Cosworth machine the unique aluminum cylinder head.

The RS Performance

As it is expected that the performance is impressive with the RS demolishing the benchmark 0-62mph sprint in just 4.7 seconds. These figures were achieved in conjunction by the standard launch control. It holds the engine revs with the perfect point for a fastest ride automatically.

It’s the mid-range muscle on the road that really outstanding and mind blowing. Once the revs climb past 2,000rpm the Focus simply flies. There’s virtually no turbo lag and the engine responds crisply to the throttle. You can make the most of the considerable performance using the slick six-speed manual also.

The 2.3-litre unit provides the sweet sound to make the ear comfortable. A valve in the twin exit exhausts opens at higher revs, boosting gas flow rate and adding a hard-edged growl to the soundtrack. Lift off the throttle and you treated to a barrage of pops, crackles and bangs on the overrun. It’s not quite as charismatic as the Audi RS3’s five-cylinder unit, but it’s not far off.


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