Toyota RAV4 Comes with a Handsome Exterior

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Toyota RAV4 Comes with a Handsome Exterior

24 Nov 2017
Toyota RAV4

Interior space and safety features are some other positives

It is somewhat a rare trait that a SUV presents itself as beautiful, stunning or elegant. Toyota RAV4 has something different from others in its category. And this ‘something else’ is in a positive sense. This mid-sized SUV is not a new one in the selling, but the latest upgrade has really improved its outlook.

Toyota RAV4 is a fun to sit in and enjoy the weekend with family comprising of safety kits to make it even more fit for this class. It can be purchased in diesel, petrol or hybrid form depending on your preferences. Front-wheel drive, four wheel drive, automatic or manual gearboxes depending on engine choice are also there to facilitate the buyer and make the buying procedure easy and simple.

Engine Choices

The 2.0-litre diesel engine has 141 bhp and is paired with front-wheel drive only. Its starting is good, picking up speed easily from zero. Although it gets noisy as you try to push the vehicle for more speed, but there is reasonable pick up and you don’t have to disturb the gear box much. With this engine, a six-speed gear box is standard. Moving ahead presents hybrid model, which is divided in two classes.

For the business class with front-wheel version and a four-wheel drive with an additional electric motor attached at the back axle. But economy is weaker side if you opt for this one. The petrol range gets a 2.0-litre engine harmonizing it is a CVT automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive as standard. Main flaw is the more you rev the more noise you get from the engine; same is the case with hybrid model.

Safety is Priority

This is very obvious if a company is manufacturing a sports oriented family off-roader then one thing is asked for from this category that how much safety it provides. Toyota RAV4 is not short of safety installments and actually the main concern in its make-up is safety of the riders. There are many standard features that are common in al models for which a buyer long for. The RAV4 features include standard pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, automatic high beam, eight airbags for the safety of driver as well as the passengers, traction control, electronic brake-force distribution, vehicle stability control, ABS and brake assist. A four star rating is what is aimed at for such a long list.

Exterior and Interior

The looks of this SUV is none the less than perfect. A car like look always satisfy the urge of family SUV owners to celebrate their bachelor days and this one certainly fulfills that wish. Now do the interior match-up with exterior? In a very elegant way it does. The seats are comfortable and provide broad movements for choosing the right position. Touch screen provides the clearest and easiest to operate system, making the practicality even better. The view is great due to thin windscreen pillars not only for the front occupiers; also the back riders enjoy it. Despite this the dashboard is not of the latest standard covered with leather, instead plastic rules this side. All in all the automobile still shows very promising characteristics proving it worth buying.

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