Why British Love Audi A4 Diesel Engines When Petrol Variants are Even Good?

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Why British Love Audi A4 Diesel Engines When Petrol Variants are Even Good?

9 Aug 2018
Audi A4

The Class-leading A4 saloon of Audi roves like a limousine with its considerably efficient A4 Engines

The all-new Audi A4 has been recently released with many modifications and refresh tweaks to the model, however, the A4 saloon offers barely specific and dashing looks. The new model is an example of the concrete planning to win the market share at Audi design department and they succeeded to some extent. When the economy of the UK went down during the Brexit vote period, almost majority of the automakers lose their sales and faced cut downs in the order books.

Some of them planned to leave the UK, a couple of them moved to central Europe, even Vauxhall has moved its engineering works to Germany, Ford has moved Transit production to turkey, similarly, Honda and Nissan have plans to gradually pull their all investments out of the UK. But did you know, during all this time of uncertainty, Audi A4 was enjoying elevated sales graphs? Yes! Audi A4 has enjoyed an increase in sales when Brexit has hit the nation.

Power of the Audi A4 Saloon

Audi loves to overcome weaknesses and turn those weak points into strengths, how do they do it? They have faced ditched sales in Audi Q5 compact SUV and to overcome this dent, they introduced the A4 All-Road version as it has the legacy of the A4 indeed.

It has covered a lot and then came in the A4 Avant version to fill the gap between Audi Q5 and the A4 All-Road. This is an all-wheel drive estate with a larger ground clearance to facilitate the off-roading. Deliveries started in mid-summer last year and until now the majority of Audi lovers have their hands on the wheel till now.

Audi A4 engine line-up

With the new technological advancements, Audi has managed to increase the A4 Engine power and efficiency band by 20 per cent and there is no lack of engine options, however, the reconditioners in the UK market are working on these technologies to absorb as the reconditioned Audi A4 engines would be in demand in next few years. With its 2.0-Litre engines, Audi has introduced both eight-speed automatic and seven-speed manual transmissions with all power band of 150 and above.

The 150 hp versions emit 100g/km of carbon emissions and they are extra clean engines, with a fuel economy of around 75 miles per gallon. Audi is swiftly making its way into the post-Brexit United Kingdom markets.

Audi A4 Battlefield

The A4 all road is one of the best versions offered by Audi and a 2.0-litre diesel was tested by the vehicle testing team. They stated the Audi A4 engines are excellent but the 2.0-litre diesel is second to none choice in the engine lineup. Audi main dealers started Audi A4 engines supply and fit in the UK as well. The A4 2.0-litre TDi turbo diesel engine cranks out 187bhp and the base version of this engine cranks out 148bhp, this engine is actually new to the market and will be subjected to many changes in the future.

Audi A4’s battle in the UK markets is not with the substandard makes and models but they actually fighting against the models like BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, and E-Class, Jaguar XE saloon and Lexus IS Saloon. Any premium model left? No there is not but the Audi A4. In all this fight, Audi A4 acts like a game changer and it can make or break the market conditions at any time to spoil this market segment because it has a choice to turn the table. Audi has widened its battlefield now by pulling the models like VW Passat Alltrack, Subaru Outback, Volvo XC70 and Peugeot RXH into the competition. The A4 estate is giving these models a really tough time in the UK market.

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