Audi A4 Gets Car of the Year Award

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Audi A4 Gets Car of the Year Award

27 Jan 2016
Audi A4 Gets Car Award 2016

The new Audi A4 has won nearly half of all the categories

What Car? Is hosting awards for carof the year and surprisingly, the VW Group companies Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen took part and won not just one but eight of the 19 ‘best buy’ categories.

The overall Car of the Year Award has been secured by none other than the all-new Audi A4. This car is powered by state-of-the-art Audi A4 diesel engine which is frugal and a performer.

How many awards did VW won?

Ever since the Awards started in 1978, the VW Golf won the prize four times which is record on itself as no other model has managed to win that many times.

The best thing about these awards is that none of the cars are implicated in any way by the CO2 emissions scandals whatsoever because all of them feature the latest generation hybrid, petrol and diesel engines.

What the organiser has to say?

The editorial director of What Car? said that “when we began the judging process, the VW emissions scandal was in full swing, however, our guiding principle has always been to recommend the best cars on sale today. We have tested all cars with our unrivalled rigour and scrutiny, on a level playing field against all of their rivals.

Regardless of the scandal, the VW Group still builds cars that rank among the very best on the road and, tested against our criteria covering all of the rational reasons that consumers choose one car over another, the results are clear to see.”

What Audi has to say about it?

Audi’s Head of Sales for Europe, Dominique Boesch said that “the company is enormously privileged to be recognised so conclusively with the coveted overall Car of the Year award, the strongest possible vote of confidence from What Car?… for the A4 to receive such an award is enormously meaningful for us and a recognition of the advanced engineering and design that the A4 epitomises.”

In last 10 years, Audi is the only car manufacturer which has won the prize more than once with its prestigious models like A1, A3 and the A4.

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