Volkswagen Transporter, A True Depiction of the Brand

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Volkswagen Transporter, A True Depiction of the Brand

22 Jan 2019
Volkswagen Transporter

Practical and spacious cabin making the Volkswagen Transporter fit for load carrying

Volkswagen is a company with many popular names attached to it. It has produced vehicles with good quality and built according to the purpose it is going to serve. Many times we purchase a famous brand because it is famous. But this will not be the case when you purchase a Transporter. As it truly shows the talent a Volkswagen should. Transporter is a mid-sized van and is there to serve for the small business purposes. Delivery vans are not to attract people they are utilitarian vehicles. But this is not true in the present era. Today customers demand more and Volkswagen happily gives them what they want.

A touch of technology and comfort for this flat category is what this brand has approached for their product. There are alternative body styles available and you can choose the one that suits you. The starters have a stunning gadget ready for you to grab and use on your will. Refined driving is what Volkswagen engines deliver and for the convenience for those who own it, there are Volkswagen Transporter engines for sale in the market in case a need arises. And if this becomes expensive for you then having Reconditioned Volkswagen engines is also not a problem, they are easily available in the market. You just have to choose a reliable seller.

Engines Making Things Smooth on The Road

The very basic engine which is there to move this load carrier is a 102 hp having a five-speed manual transmission attached to it. Its timing form 0-62 mph is 15.3 seconds. Up next is the 150 hp engine which has the timing of 11.1 secs for the same distance. For a more powerful approach, you get the 204 hp bi-turbo engine which covers 62 mph in just 8.3 seconds. It is a front wheel drive and the range-topper can also have DSG transmission if the owner demands. It also offers a smooth ride and there are no difficulties associated with the automatic mode.

Even the driver is relaxed with this gear change in town and on motorway also. But those who want to have it in manual form will not be disappointed with it either as this one also works excellently.

Distinction in the Inside

Whether the transport is used as passenger carrier or as load carrier there is a change in the environment inside. The load carrier is strictly giving needed space for loading goods, and the passenger carrier form gives you good storage pockets and comfortable seating. But even if there is a good sense of practicality in the van from there are facilities present for the occupiers in the front for storage function. The built quality is as good inside as it is outside and the vehicle is overall totally reliable. A DAB radio, 5-inch touch screen, USB, SD card and AUX inputs are all present throughout the range. Things are not the same in the Volkswagen Transporter as in other mid-size vans. There is more technology as you move up the trim level and you have more of the goodies also. So while discussing, you might take it as a sedan which shows the same characteristics.

Reliability and Safety are Alluring Factors Too

For carrying someone’s goods or passenger it is always asked what is there for the reliability of the vehicle. The reliability side is as good as other aspects. There are the ESP and ABS braking, Automatic Post Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise control, lane change Assist, Hill Hold Assist and a Driver Alert system. There are airbags for the driver and the passenger and some nice additions are also present in case you want to go for the options. High beam assist and fog lights are there for the vans as options which are useful in changing climates. This is not the end. For those drivers who are constantly driving in the poor weather conditions, there is something to make them happy also. They can order the Volkswagen’s 4Motion four-wheel drive system which also has a mechanical differential lock. These are some very reliable things which are very useful when the security of your vehicle and the people in it are in consideration.

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