The Muscular Audi A8-enriched with Strength and athletic stance

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The Muscular Audi A8-enriched with Strength and athletic stance

5 Apr 2019
Audi A8 Used Engines

Audi A8 is one of the most reliable and comfortable cars among its rivals

The new Audi A8 occupies a remarkable value in style, refinement and luxury with a great strength under the bonnet and athletic stance to captivate people around. An infinitely powerful 5.2 FSI, 450PS powerhouse, proficient of reaching 62mph in just 5.1 seconds. Barely astonishing, though, considering that this V10 FSI was manufactured in combination with the supercar experts at Lamborghini.

With Alcantara roof covering, BOSE sound system, one-touch memory and power closing doors piecing together the performance line-up, and the Audi A8 leaves a bit to be looking for. The interior, exclusively well-appointed, with absolutely comfortable, bi-colour leather electric Sports seats, 3-spoke Sports steering wheel, and an aluminium gear-lever and Navigation system controlled by the MMI’s 7-inch colour screen.

A Bang & Olufsen Sound System can even be incorporated as an option – although, for some, the spectacular rhythm of the colossal V10 is entertainment enough. The muscular and confident exterior, up till now delicate enough to leave the scope of this car’s intense performance proficiencies to the dreams.

Over 5 metres long, with its striking single-frame grille, cohesive rear spoiler and massive 20-inch ‘S’ style alloy wheels, the Audi A8 is really inimitable – a smart Saloon with the surly charm of a supercar-no if and’s, or buts about it.

Audi A8 Petrol Engines

There are two types available on this model, the standard Audi A8 petrol engine and the FSI direct-injection engine. FSI is an exclusive Audi technology initially settled for the Le Mans 24-hour durability race to provide increased power and torque along with boosted fuel efficiency.

The reason for this efficiency is that the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chambers, reducing heat-loss and increasing output, meanwhile dropping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Perfect for the consumers who desire a sporty, nerve-wracking drive without the cons of too much fuel costs or high emissions-based taxation.

The Furious Diesel Engines

All diesel engines from Audi are recognised as TDI. This striking technology was first pioneered by Audi in 1989, shifting from the raucous, fuel-thirsty diesel engines of the past. The powerful A8 TDI diesel engine is intended to deliver absolute power and performance, with very low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The working principle of the TDI engine hinges on accuracy and compression. A turbocharger provides fresh air to the engine, ensuring optimum filling of the cylinder. Straight after compression, an injector supplies fuel into the combustion chambers at high pressure. In this way, the driver gets the most productive outcome in terms of performance and economy.

State of the Art Technology in A8

Cars which supply as much pulling clout as the Audi A8 and S8 need a harness in place – a technology that provides safety and control at the same time to increase the sporty features which make them so delightful to drive. That being the case, Quattro permanent four-wheel-drive is built-in on all A8 models (excluding the 3.2 FSI SE and long wheelbase model).

The source is quite clear that four brakes ensure the better slowing down, four permanently-driven wheels provide better acceleration and road-grip. On Quattro models, drive power is constantly dispersed between the front and rear axles depending on weather conditions, road surface and pitch. And what an improved technology to feature on this sporty model that has set Audi the edge on the racetrack ever since it was first presented over more than two decades ago.

Audi A8 Snootiness 

A car which has been made advanced through technology, the snootiness comes as standard. Audi A8 has everything, from the unique single-frame front grille to the classy backlights. But for that extra element of snootiness, customise your Audi according to your own unique taste with options from Audi exclusive.

Whether you want Fine full-grain leather seats, modified paint colour or even a customised steering wheel in your selected model, A8 offers a striking number of choices to make it your loved one. Whoa!

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