Mercedes C200 comes with Mild Electric Hybrid Power

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Mercedes C200 comes with Mild Electric Hybrid Power

7 May 2019
Mercedes C200

A smaller luxury car but truly depicting the essence of this brand

Mercedes is not a brand to produce neither cheaper cars nor does it has in its products less than a luxury in them. No matter what the size of the car they have new technology and extremely comfortable and advanced cabin is there to show what this brand is all about.

New things are constantly being added to the Mercedes C200 but the tradition is also kept alive and that is the lavish interior and stylish exterior. The best thing about this brand is that whenever a new car comes in the market there is a new exterior with it not using the predecessor’s design at all.

Only the badge will tell that it is a Mercedes Benz. So the monotony of exterior is not there which separates it from the rest. Then engine side is also worth praising with new technology added it is even more worth buying.

The recent upgrade has also added significant changes in the cabin and technology side to keep the vehicle according to the present standards. Another thing which makes owning C200 easy is the Mercedes C200 engines for sale in market in case is placement is needed. Then to make things affordable there are reconditioned Mercedes C200 engines also available.

The two-way power production

The older version had a 2.0-liter engine producing all the energy by consuming the fuel. But the 48-volt mild electric hybrid driver train addition has changed things in the consumption side giving even more power to the car. At present, the car is fitted with a 2.0-liter petrol reconditioned engine.

The torque production has been lessened only 20Nm and the fuel consumption has been cut down due to the hybrid energy. The electric system produces 10 kW of energy alone and it combines with the diesel energy to produce an increased power.

So this has made the car somewhat inexpensive to run. The wagon and sedan of with C200 2.0-litre diesel engine are offered now. So the choice is yours as to what suits you better.

The equipment present at the base level

For the C class, this is a base level trim. But even being a base level it has a generous amount of equipment to attract the buyer. With 18-inch alloy wheels, redesigned LED lights, dual-zone climate control, keyless start, 12.3-inch digital instrument controls, and 10.25-inch infotainment screen.

The infotainment screen has functions like sat-nav, digital radio, Bluetooth and smartphone connecting for Apple and Android devices. This is really good for the starter. The safety features list is separate with nine airbags, autonomous energy breaking, blind spot warning, tire pressure monitor and reverse camera.

The car is well built also showing what the three-star badge can actually build. The price of this brand sedans are not less but the rate of this one is affordable as compare to others in the class.

Standouts in the present version

Many new things are added especially in the interior cabin. The new technology has brought with it clarity and easy to use functions. The display is crispier and up to date. There is also a new menu system which is digital as well as analog.

Some functions are to be controlled via the touchpad mode and some by the knobs. It does take some time to get used to it but when you do it makes a lot of sense. Swiping through the menu has also become easier now with the new faster touch screen.

The internal environment of the car can be controlled and altered from striking to more soothing. Apart from adaptive suspension, an optional air suspension is also there for increased comfort on rough surfaces.

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