Megna to Nail Tesla with Lemon Laws

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Megna to Nail Tesla with Lemon Laws

14 Apr 2014
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The “King of the Lemon Laws” Hit Tesla for Its First Lemon Claim

Tesla has always been on the hit list of critics for its poor services and numerous problems faced by the customers. Despite of being greatly loved by its CEO and much spent efforts, Tesla still is totting in auto industry. What number of units some car manufacturers build in a couple of days; it takes a year at Tesla to build those. Not very long ago – in early October 2013 – when the new Tesla Model S caught fire on the road, it was a great setback for the company and now a few months later, it has to face another setback yet again.

The first customer of Tesla has sued Tesla for selling him the lemon and it’s of no surprise that the suit was filed by Vince Megna, the man known as “the King of the Lemon Laws”. He is well acclaimed for his recent verdict of $618,000 – an all time record – against one of the biggest German Car Makers, Mercedes-Benz. Vince has made his name for winning hundreds of those lemon suits against all automakers. If the vehicle is out of service for 30 or more days for any mechanical problems, the state laws require all companies to buy them back.

Megna has also recorded a video which refers the sentiments of famous actor George Clooney, who also happens to have returned his Tesla Roadster. The filing also says that back in March 2013, Robert Montogmery bought Model S for $94,770, which happens to be a performance model and for next several months he faced problems with car. That car was out of order for more than 66 days because that car was towed to Chicago for repairs as Telsa do all repairs in their own service centres. It’s not just one unhappy customer; the numbers are high and are only getting higher. This first suit may be the first drop to make Tesla realise for all that growing pains.

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