In Volkswagen Sharan, Look for Quality

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In Volkswagen Sharan, Look for Quality

3 Oct 2018
Volkswagen Sharan

A reliable brand offering a spacious cabin and high rated interior

Every car in the world is not meant to have good looks inspire you with its exterior or get attention through its sharp cuts and lines. There are others that are meant to deliver in every aspect and this is where their expertise lies. Volkswagen Sharan is one of those cars who are not to be remembered by their looks but by their durability and cabin practicality. You are planning a family trip or simply want to take some luggage personally then there will be no problem when Sharan is around. Then there are round holes for storage scattered around the cabin making it easy for the smaller things to be stored there so that you do not have to carry them in hands. There is a high roofline which makes it easy to load or unload a child seat or any luggage you want to take with you.

The technology offered with this one is also not bad and more can be obtained by not burdening the pocket. The sliding doors at the rear are really helpful as they save you and the other vehicle being slammed by the doors in cramped space. Volkswagen Sharan engines give a decent power not letting the vehicle become underpowered at any point.

Engine Choices

There are in total three engines ready to be purchased with different trims. A petrol choice is of 1.4-litre which gives you a power of 150 hp. The diesel side gets a TDI 148 bhp and a 182 bhp with a capacity of 2.0-litre Volkswagen Sharan. Among these, the petrol one is the quite one especially on higher revs under full load. Both the diesel make noise heard at these speeds. But cruisers are the diesel; petrol is a calm smooth noiseless choice if you are in town then picking it is not a problem.

Reconditioned Volkswagen Sharan engines are not less than the new ones and you can get them and get them fitted without problem. You may think that the pull is less but it is not so. The steering feels ever thing happening with the wheels and it also allows having better control especially when covering sharp turns. No MPV can claim to employ stability as it is in sedans but Volkswagen has done a good job in this regard.

Interior comfort

As an MPV it has to be good for the driver as well as the other occupiers. There is a nice space for the driver and an adjustable seat. Once there is a comfortable position reached by the driver the things after this gets easier. The road vision is excellent with the huge Sharan windscreen and thinner front pillars. There is no visibility problem which is a feature needed for a bigger car, also this feature aids more when you are in a town. There is high-quality material finish inside the cabin which gives it a class. There has been no compromise in situating things according to easy access on the dashboard or making other things to annoy the driver.

There is good space inside moderately spread in all the rows. The boot can be extended by folding seats according to your need.

Look at the technology side

There is a 6.5-inch touch screen infotainment which comes as standard which is bright, easy to use and quick. There are shortcut buttons on both sides to do the work easier for you. USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and send/receive e-mails is for the starters. Sat-nav becomes available in the mid-range. There are also options for installing more advanced features which will certainly make this side better.

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