If Cars Could Become Anything, they would All Become BMW 520d

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If Cars Could Become Anything, they would All Become BMW 520d

26 Jun 2018
BMW 520d

The standards set by this luxurious car know no bounds

There is no shortage of car brands on the market since each manufacturer introduces many car models every year. In spite of all the competition, BMW has kept its unique identity due to its remarkable cars. People who happen to have a restricted knowledge of cars are also aware of the auto monster that BMW is.

It is not a secret that it is a desire of many to own a BMW car and the company, being a responsible auto manufacturer, does not compromise on its standards to come up to expectations of its buyers. BMW knocks spots off its rivals in every dimension which helps into cement its status as a world-class automobile producer.

BMW, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works, is a German Company with an experience that spans over decades. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany and was established in 1916. BMW uses series numbers to categorize different models based on their distinct set of characteristics. They stretch from 1 series to 8 series.

As the BMW 520d unveils

Everyone knows that the car industry cannot do without resourcefulness and innovative ideas which are the foundations of the automobile industry and for those companies who have realized it, the sky is the only limit. BMW, as expected, is a forerunner in innovative and brand-new technologies in making its vehicles the best ones around.

The BMW 520d epitomizes this priority of the company in a perfect way. This car is undoubtedly a blend of class and performance and in fact is the most selling car of BMW 5 series.

The 520d’s Vigorous Engine runs riot on the road

At outside, 520d looks like a thing of beauty, however, do not get misled because, despite its innocent looks, it owns a monstrous engine. The BMW 520d engine is a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine which generates a whopping 190bhp shooting the vehicle from 0 to 60mph in just 7.5 seconds.


It can stretch up to an astonishing 146mph top speed. Despite exhibiting such inspiring figures, the car remains quite eco-friendly emitting as low as 130g/m carbon into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it covers 68.8 miles of distance in a single gallon.

Its engine is available in various sizes which are BMW 5 Series 520d xDrive 2.0-litre Saloon Diesel Engine, BMW 5 Series 520d 2.0 litre Hatchback Diesel Engine and BMW 5 Series 520d xDrive 2.0-litre Estate diesel Engine.

Out of this world luxury Interior 

The hype that BMW cars have got is not baseless. BMW pays special attention towards the interior and you can notice it as soon as you land a foot inside the car. Interior is very comfortable and classy outlined by the first-rate quality material used.

The 5 Series has left a lasting mark owing to its superb quality saloon cars. Many improvements can be detected in the 5 Series than its predecessors including lighter weight, revised suspension and a multitude of techy tweaks such as the extraordinary iDrive system and gesture control. Therefore, if you have decided to buy this car, well congratulations, you have separated the sheep from the goats.

A TFT screen, which is installed at the dashboard, displays all the driving assisted information. Talk about seats, they are very relaxing and are perfectly designed to maintain the natural posture of your body. The steering wheel is thick and provides a firmer grip on the driver.

Besides, another important feature is the infotainment system, which is quite advanced yet easy to use. A number of functions can be carried out through this infotainment system meanwhile keeping up with the news and events occurring around the world.

BMW offers world-class customer services and spare parts

Being a responsible and renowned company, BMW is generous in its customer service outlets which are present all over the world. These customer oriented customers services will make you feel secure and worth appreciation. Additionally, many BMW authorized garages offer BMW engine supply and fit service on your demand.

Don’t you feel like taking a ride of BMW 520d already? Well, you are not alone. Let’s not waste time on the internet anymore and take a ride that will potentially define the future of your car priorities.

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