BMW 3 Series 316i Brings New Engine Range and Huge Torques

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BMW 3 Series 316i Brings New Engine Range and Huge Torques

19 Sep 2018
BMW 3 Series

The 316i leads the BMW 3 series with a wide range of engine options that bring massive low down torque

The BMW 3 series is one of those model several model ranges in the world that sold in numbers. It is also one of the most appealing and the most admired range in the UK. The 3 series offers an excellent range of driving dynamics to bring a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience. Out of the 3 series, the BMW 316i is one of the newest addition to the range. The 316i engines are petrol units which also come in 1 series and 318i models. These BMW engines are not that admired by the testing experts.

They think that these engines are low on power and torque. But don’t mind, in the 3 series, these engines have been fixed to deliver more power and torque. They are now able to do justice with the 3 series vehicles as well.

The New Engine

The new BMW 3 Series 316i engines are 4 cylinders 1.6-litre units powered by twin turbo power technology for utmost delivery of power. These 1.6-litre engines are capable of generating 220Nm of torque and a hefty 99hp of power. This power is considerably more than the previous generation engines used in the 316i models. There is a bit of turbo lag and the 4 cylinder engine doesn’t have a massive amount of low down torque according to an engine expert who sells reconditioned BMW 316i engines and has an advanced machine shop to test engines.

He further added that when the engine moves out in the turbo rev zone, it delivers excellent performance and doesn’t give a feel of being a weak engine. On the move in turbo revs, there is enough acceleration to make a comfortable overtaking. In the case of an automatic transmission, the gearbox comes few ratios down and regain the power.

BMW 316i Gearbox and Drive

An eight-speed automatic transmission has been offered on the 316i range of engines and it does justice across the range. While driving, it gives you a feeling that you are always driving in a right gear. The transmission never pushes you to mash the throttle back to gain power from lower rations and get into the right gear. The automatic transmission is the most favourite in the UK as it removes the clutch pedal to offer more comfort.

Thanks to the automatic transmission, the driving dynamics are offered as standard on the model. One of the best in the class driving dynamics system has been offered on the 316i models. In the eco mode, the 316i remains relaxed and makes more miles by covering more distance. Claimed fuel economy of the 316i engines is not less than 40 miles per hour. However, the fuel economy increases on the motorway cruise.

The 316i driving and Handling

The tested model was a sports package and it comes with the 18-inch rims and low profile tyres. The low profile tyres give a sportier ride and providing an excellent comfort but at the same time, it sacrifices a bit of handling control. The interior is built up of quality materials and tactile feel. The all-new model has excellent specs and improved back seat comfort. The test unit came with extras and the standard kit. Extras include faux leather seats and fat rubber tyres. The windows and mirrors with electric functionality and an aux pin as a standard. The 316i is the model for those who can’t afford the 320i in the UK. BMW 3 Series has offered the 316i with a reasonable margin in price if compare to the 320i models.

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