BMW 120d making the Types of diesel proud

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BMW 120d making the Types of diesel proud

6 Mar 2019
BMW 120d

BMW 120d an all-rounder with simple goals and plenty of action

BMW 120d is one of the beginners in 1 series and is not a dejected kickoff. How come a BMW be of that kind at all. And it really is not. You look at any aspect and things get clear that you are not going to buy a useless cheap car. It has the looks, there is the adventurous ride and then there is a useful interior. So you are looking at a complete package in the shape of 120d. You have to give it a try to fall in love with it. Many do not even look at the car when they know it is a diesel. You change your attitude and this BMW will change the way you looked at it before. If you do not know when it is highly possible that you take it as a petrol powered vehicle. BMW 120d engines are one of the very refined ones in the market with easy availability. And if it seems expensive then replacing it with reconditioned BMW 120d engines is a really good choice. You want to ride it in a town or take it to a highway; in every case, it is going to please you with the best manners and that naughty nature.

The amazing diesel engine

For the petrol owners, this will make you jealous of its high performing engine. This is a 2.0-litre diesel engine with a power of 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The torque starts to show at 1750 rpm and continues to spread its magic till 4000 rpm. This is a turbocharged engine giving its riders the speed they need still with plenty of other uses. The engine can retain its power with any load present on it and the car can serve many purposes. With this engine, it can satisfy the need of the speed lovers. It has the amazing low revving capability which makes it easy to handle when in lower speeds in town. It shows its full potential when on the highway where you love the 7.1 seconds acceleration from 0-100 km/h.

Small size but useful vehicle

1 series cars are placed in the small size cars but they are not as small as the name may suggest. There is a fine sitting area at the back, it may not seem to be enough for taller people but the mid-size adults fit in easily. The cargo area is also not bad for this size car having a box-like shape which fits in many things if put in the right manner. Also, it has economy attached to it as it is a diesel engine car so it is useful for sure. When a buyer decides to get a car for a certain reason then the focus should be only on that. If you want more space or more of a family nature then moving up to the 3 series will be a good idea.

Safety side well covered

There may be not all the safety equipment installed in it but there are enough to keep you safe on the road. And if the standard ones are not enough you can spend more to get more. There is an ABS, brake assist, stability control, Traction Control, front and side airbags for passengers and driver. There is also the hill assist and tire pressure sensor. These are all the basic goodies you get when you buy this BMW. This is a starter and of course, something is missing but still, this is a lot what you get in a beginner as many car companies do not offer this much. You can have things fitted in for the exterior and the interior if you are ready to pay more.

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