BMW 116d is Eco-friendly fun to drive car

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BMW 116d is Eco-friendly fun to drive car

18 Feb 2020
BMW 116d engines for sale

A diesel fit for the environment and pocket is out there

BMW is sure a brand to be appreciated. This carmaker has all that can put different elements together and produce a whole that can be your companion for a long time. There is a long list of success for the company and 1 series BMW is one of such successes.

This is a sibling to the 116i and is equally appreciable. Company car drivers or owners love to have this car as there long term companion. The reason is that there is a fuel economy attached to it and then there is the exemption of road tax due to the lower carbon discharge.

So it is a green vehicle in every sense. But what has not suffered while making it environment-friendly is the way it drives. This is a compact car and no matter how much less the engine output is it can take it to good speed level.

Small cars have less weight and with it needs less pull. Reconditioned BMW 116d engines the UK is one of the very fine-tuned. The dealers make sure the reliability does not suffer or sales will suffer for sure. The interior of the 1 series cars is designed to fit in the family purpose as well as carrying people around. There is a little bit of firmness but this does not make comfort suffer much.

The right gear produces the right punch

The engine which is under the hood of this 1 series is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine with 114 bhp and torque of 270 Nm. Torque compensates somewhat for the less output here. The time it takes to travel 62 mph is almost 10.5 seconds. The engine needs effort done by the driver.

There is a lot of gap in engaging the next gear which means to reach a higher speed more time is taken. If you are in a hurry then this vehicle will not help much. Apart from this, the diesel is refined and the refinement level is also good.

The car is good for driving in the city as there will be a nice pull for the lower revs. The limit where the engine feels easy to perform is from 2000 rpm-4000 rpm. You can have the manual as well as automatic transmission but the standard fit is better.

The automatic transmission makes the gear change more delayed. It will also hinder a swift response from the engine. Second hand BMW engines for sale are the best source when engine change is needed.

Handling and convenience

Engine servicing or replacing is not an issue and the convenience factor is high. The engines and their parts are also available in the market to prolong the life of this car. BMW timing chain recall is also not an issue as there are dealers that provide such parts repaired.

The reason why people go for these facilities is due to the higher price of the original engines. Handling is a sweet spot this car has and there are very few disadvantages here. The steering is smooth, accurate and well-weighed to give a good driving experience.

Another aspect is that the hatchback moves flawlessly on curves and there is nothing that is going to restrict this car from a fast response rate from the steering. The suspension is a helping hand here and the direction change is done properly.

One thing which makes the passengers unhappy especially is the bumpy ride. There is firmness in the way it drives and covers the rough surfaces. Other than that there is good control the driver can exercise while on road. There is road noise present but the engine is hushed.

How much is the cabin peaceful

Well if talk about the comfort here is more of it present but the firm ride does create issues especially when on a rough course. There is also some vibration present whenever the car’s start/stop function is in operation. It becomes annoying every time this happens.

Also for the driver, there are very basic assisting features that do not allow the driver to relax while driving. This is in a way good thing as the one behind the wheel is not there to sleep, if it is work there has to be work, why relax? But on the other hand, there has to be some relief as the one driving is also a human and needs a time out especially when on long routes.

Interior layout

For most of the period the car has been out of the production line, the interior has been almost the same for this 1 series car. One has to struggle to spot one. The car is more decorated inside than the predecessors but the quality of materials remains the same almost.

But still, this old formula does fit the new sense but more is provided from the rivals, is a problem. The steering wheel is neat without many buttons to lose the basic idea of a steering wheel. No matter whatever the criticism is there the interior has its class as a BMW car should have. For those who love the idea of a simple and traditionally handled car, this fits well.

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