An Insight into Mondeo Vignale

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An Insight into Mondeo Vignale

7 Jan 2016
Ford Mondeo Vignale 2016

How Ford Mondeo Vignale is different?


Stylish & Classy


Ford has produced a stylish and classy car attempting to fit into the the sector of BMW’S, Audi’s and Jaguars.

Compact with a touch of luxury the vehicle certainly has an aura of style and comfort. At a reasonable price it’s an extra step for motorists without having to spend a ridiculous amount.


Equipment Laden


Some of the benefits of the Vignale are the equipment which is not found in many other models, LED lights and heated seats are an extra luxury as well as an 8 inch infotainment display system, Bluetooth, sound system and satellite navigation.

These are extras that make the cost worthwhile and make the drive much more pleasurable for any motorist.


Touch of Luxury


The Vignale and Ford Mondeo look similar, however there is an extra touch of style on the Vignale. Chrome trim lashings, badges, a designed grill and patterns on the seat as well as the trade signature are all things specific to this model.

This model can only be bought as a four door or estate and this is the market that Ford wanted to attract, therefore limiting itself to that.


Engine Choices


When it comes to engines, there is a range to choose from. There is the 2.0 litre diesel at 177bhp which will probably be the most popular choice. There is also a 2.0 litre petrol hybrid at 237bhp, turbocharged and front wheel drive.

Although this engine is also great, it’s likely it won’t be the first option for buyers. The last option to choose is an automatic 2.0 litre diesel at 207bhp.


Around the Clock Customer Service


The benefits with the Mondeo Vignale are many and some more to keep in mind is the premium service that owners are provided.

A 24/7 helpline and free car washes, collect and delivery for booked appointments as well as other privileges all make this option much more appealing and luxurious.

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