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Ford Mondeo Trend a Car You Have Been Waiting

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2 Nov 2016

Powerful Engine with Lavish Features Turns a Car In to an Excellent Option Sometimes an average commodity could bring you more than you expect and to be accurate about Mondeo it overall falls in mediocre category for most analysts of vehicles. Let’s see what features do provide the car an edge over rivals and become […]

7 Jan 2016
Ford Mondeo Vignale 2016

How Ford Mondeo Vignale is different?   Stylish & Classy   Ford has produced a stylish and classy car attempting to fit into the the sector of BMW’S, Audi’s and Jaguars. Compact with a touch of luxury the vehicle certainly has an aura of style and comfort. At a reasonable price it’s an extra step […]

4 Nov 2015
Ford Philosophy

Ford Mondeo has all the three engine options: the diesel, petrol and hybrid. One World, One Ford   Ford has successfully implemented “One Ford Philosophy” all over the globe, the purpose is to build same Ford models for its huge customer base all over the World. That is true in regard with latest Mondeo, although […]

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