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When it comes to the style and elegance, Jaguar XF is the name pops up in mind

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17 Feb 2021
Jaguar XF

This is a nice combination as you feel great about what you are driving You look at a person who has style and knows how to carry it also, with great manners. Such a person is a depiction of perfection. So now look at a Jaguar XF and notice the resemblance. The company has put […]

14 Jan 2019
BMW 318D

The 150bhp motor has the 70mpg fuel average and it is reasonably above than the set standards There are car makers which are more concerned to the engine and its performance and BMW 318d is produced by one of these. That is why BMW 318d reconditioned engines are in demand as well. They are cheap […]

4 May 2016
Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 is a fun to drive as an affordable sports car that still follows the old school recipe Toyota has made several the best cars that earn the fame in the world but their GT 86 is a sports car for poor fans. When we have hyper cars like Agera, Veyron and super […]

11 Sep 2015
Audi Porsche joint work

  Audi and Porsche to work together on new engines including V6 and V8 units for Volkswagen group brands   Major brands of Volkswagen group, Audi and Porsche are well known for their class leading luxuries and this time they are jointly working on the new series of engines for their upcoming models. It is […]

12 Jun 2015
Accident Prevention system

A recommendation from federal agency suggests the use of collision-avoidance technology to be made a standard on all vehicles   While driving a car, the biggest risk to life is the carelessness of your own or some other driver, resulting in a collision, claiming the precious human life. Car manufacturers are exerting a lot of […]

29 Jan 2015
Fuel Prices

After a considerable drop in fuel prices, experts say they are still too high, Government under growing pressure, what to come next?   UK recently have seen the biggest drop in fuel prices which is, in fact, the lowest since last five years. But what really alarming and putting a lot of pressure on David […]

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