What does it Mean for the Auto Industry?

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What does it Mean for the Auto Industry?

10 Oct 2015


The changing face of retail for the auto industry.

The advent and emergence of the Internet have made drastic impacts on businesses and industries across the globe, the auto industry is not an exception in that regard. The usage and incorporation of the internet have changed the face of retail for the auto industry. The first decade of the 21st century has observed the emergence of social media sites into the daily life of consumers.


The consumers are knowledgeable and have access to a free flow of information which make them a powerful stakeholder of the businesses. They are now active participants instead of passive listeners.



The consumers now a days, have readily available information about anything and especially when it comes to buying a new car. The consumers search for multiple factors, such as financing and insurance, they gather a considerable amount of information before making a final decision of buying a car which has great specifications such as a powerful engine.


The consumers love to have test drive, but they don’t rely on manufacturers’ information only instead look for other available options such as independent forums, online reviews, group discussions on social sites, expert opinions, automotive websites, and real customers’ opinions. The consumers can get the information about particular models and brands. The free availability and real-time information are two main characteristics of these online channels.



What consumers want from automobile brands in the era of the internet as a shopping channel?


Basically, consumers are looking for speedy transactions and hazels free buying process, so the companies and dealer need to invest in new technologies and incorporate internet as a new shopping channel. Although it has reduced the role of dealer in overall buying processes of vehicles, but other area such as after-sales services are open field for dealers, they can get huge benefits with the efficient and effective after sales services for instance Nissan Motors has one of the best after sales service dealer network in the UK.


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