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Powerful Ford Fiesta Petrol Engines in Excellent Fuel Economy

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19 Jul 2017
1.0-Litre petrol engine

Ford has used plenty of petrol options in its small Fiesta Petrol engine lineup of Ford Fiesta is very interesting and starts with a 1.25-Litre petrol unit. It is capable of 59bhp and 80lb/ft torque. It is a four-cylinder and sixteen-valve engine and takes 16.4 seconds to reach from0-62m/h along with 94m/h top speed. It’s […]

22 Jun 2017

What are the 10 DIY actions you are able to do yourself to keep your car on the road If you think that everything shown in the television ads is exactly the genuine and something truly what you need to keep your car running, than maintaining a car in the best running condition is not […]

17 May 2017
Mercedes Benz E300

Smart features of Mercedes Benz E300 Mercedes Benz E300 review Keeping its tradition alive, MERCEDES has marked its standard once again with its latest edition to E-class. This new family member, E300, follows the footsteps of its predecessor and is a complete package of luxury, comfort and style. What’s under the hood? You will find […]

21 Apr 2017
Land Rover Discovery

A big size family SUV with high quality driving experience Think about a spacious cabin with luxury guaranteed and a driving fun you will never forget. Land Rover Discovery is an SUV you will drive again and again with pleasure and no complain. Whether off or on road, the pull of the vehicle is amazing […]

25 Mar 2017
Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery is a lovely SUV that beats the titans Land Rover Discovery comes in four different trim models however the first model of the Discovery was initially introduced in 1989. Dubbed as Land Rover Discovery I, the primary model was remained on sale for around a decade, from ’1989 to 1998 and it […]

7 Feb 2017
Seat Alhambra

Efficient engines are guarantee for success Buyers who are interested in vehicles that has seven seats have quite a reasonable choices but when it comes to practicality of carrying grown up or adults with desired comfort level then only few remain left in the list. Seat Alhambra is one of them as to the extent […]

25 Jan 2017
Jaguar X-Type

Jaguar X-Type engine range gives efficient performance The Jaguar X-Type is a series of compact cars with stunning looks, beautiful and spacious interior, well composed handling with precise steering, low running cost and lot of tech. There is a good range of petrol engines for Jaguar X-Type but there was no room for diesels until […]

18 Jan 2017
Vauxhall Astra Sports

The Incredible Astra ST- Engine and Tech Specs Under Spotlight! The Astra Sports Tourer is a comfortable car maintaining the tradition of Vauxhall along with having the latest tech specs. The seventh generation Vauxhall Astra has won the European Car of the Year award 2016. The car is ought to get a lot of appreciation […]

27 Dec 2016
Popular cars

13 popular car brands and their names Cars have great importance in our daily life and they are very commonly used vehicles by almost every one of us in the UK. People use them to go to the office, get their children to the schools, and go for shopping and or for an outing maybe, […]

6 Dec 2016

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG is an extremely strong Hatchback with AMG treatment all over the engines and body style AMG is a tuner for Mercedes Benz and they have picked up the smallest A Class on the Mercedes Benz model line-up and changed it into an entirely new hatchback which has monstrous features. AMG combines […]

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