Most efficient van at lowest rates with maximum working efficiency, Ford Transit

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Most efficient van at lowest rates with maximum working efficiency, Ford Transit

13 Dec 2019
Ford Transit engines replacement

Low running cost is one strong reason behind so many Transit Connect vans on UK roads

Ford Transit Connect is a panel van which was developed by Ford Europe to cater needs of professionals. All different models of this van have the same 2.0-litre engines with different power variants which top with 162bhp output.

In the coming year model, it will be available in a front-wheel-drive configuration. This panel van has been in markets for a stretched period so Ford Transit Connect second-hand engines are also available to the budget buyers.

Ford Transit engines rebuild and refreshed by expert technicians to improve their performance to the maximum. This Ford Transit engines replacement service is available at different places in the UK. Among available speed transmissions, there is automatic gearshift too for new version Connect buyers.

Fuel economy is good to keep carbon emission per mile low. Low running cost is one strong reason behind so many Transit Connect vans on UK roads. Different wheelbases, lengths and heights are available to keep you loyal to this name.

The same vehicle in different architectures caters passenger van needs as well and on a combined cycle its fuel economy reaches to 26mpg. Different dimensions and body designs of the vehicle makes the range complete.

The new model has come up with some fantastic features

Ford Transit Connect is an alternative to full-size work vans with fuel economy and impressive driving characteristics. The frugal four-cylinder engine and car-like feel are also noteworthy advantages of the vehicle.

The handling makes a real difference as it does not have a trace of the mid-size commercial van but of a car. Stable and steady drive with the formidable power of economical engine increases demands of the van.

The new model has come up with some fantastic features like a rear-view camera, automatic headlights, emergency braking and front collision warning are in the list of standard specifications. With these inclusions ride and drive, safety has increased manifold.

Moreover, you can have an optional driver assistance package to enhance the sense of protection. This van has been built upon a car base platform allow drivers to manoeuvre it with greater ease. You can move it in tight corners and park it without great difficulty.

Passenger van comes with two different wheelbases the short one can hold five passengers and the other has seats for seven. The most expensive of three trim packages come with leather-covered seats, climate control for rear area and navigation system which functions through touch screen so you feel nice either drive or ride in a new model of Transit Connect.

For safety features experts find it

The van is not a specialized passenger vehicle but the result of good effort to maintain a nice balance between commercial and family minivan. Cargo models of the van are also in the line-up in two different dimensions.

Van designers try to offer maximum cargo space and good ability to pull a fully loaded cargo vehicle. For safety features, experts find it among the best in the lot. The new safety system detects pedestrians and forward collision warning comes into play.

The other level is automatic brakes to avoid an accident. In case of strong wind, side-wind stabilization keeps it balanced and the vehicle keeps moving in its direction. Collision and accidents are minimized with inclusion of automatic brakes which start functioning on their own when necessary.

The auto stop-start function also chips in

When you put it in comparison with other compact vans you may find some more powerful and spacious options but their handling and interior quality is not at par with Transit Connect so you have obvious reasons to go with this van rather than the competitors.

Ford Transit Connect diesel engine is surely a good puller of buyers with its economical engine and reasonable power capacity. With this 1.5 litre, diesel unit fuel average gets over 30mpg and it is really good. The auto stop-start function also chips in to reach aforesaid fuel average figure.

New grille at the front also provides a refresh look to the new model this year. With practically build body designs Connect has good chances to improve its sales around the world with new additions as standard features. Improvement on safety front could be other reason behind a possible increase in the sale of units of the van.

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