Mercedes E220 Spacious and well equipped

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Mercedes E220 Spacious and well equipped

6 Nov 2019
Mercedes E220

This vehicle has the trait to remains good off-road as you experience it on smooth highways

Mercedes E220 is an all-terrain vehicle with great cabin features and desired comfort. A new 2.0-litre engine has been placed under the bonnet. All-wheel drive and nine-speed auto transmissions are also the same as with other power units.

Old engines of the vehicle are introduced in the market but Mercedes E220 engines rebuild before all this and these units are made fit for re-installation in your unit. This vehicle has the trait to remains good off-road as you experience it on smooth highways.

The exterior is nicely designed and it has now some similarities to C class. Height has also increased a bit which makes taller occupants more at ease while ride and drive. Ground clearance range is between 121mm to 156mm which give it a feel of the wagon.

A good combination of different classes of vehicles is witnessed in the new Mercedes E220. You experience crossover off-road characteristics and a luxurious car like cabin comfort is waiting for you in this new model.

So you will be more contended to own new model of the vehicle and if cannot afford the latest then used Mercedes E220 is also there.

Apart from standard features, you may go for vision pack

Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping function, automatic braking and a 360-degree camera are part of these standard features. Nine airbags are there so you get enough protection in case of collision.

Apart from standard features, you may go for the vision pack. New E220 is available in eleven exterior colours and for the interior, you can select from three different options. The 2.0-litre diesel unit at 3800rpm reaches to its peak power and maximum torque of 400Nm can be enjoyed between 1600rpm to 2800rpm.

Apart of it, if you fallen into a bad time of bad engine performance by your Mercedes E220 rather to purchase a new engine, it is suggested to go with Mercedes engines reconditioned option. You can save thousands of bucks by this option.

This engine may not as sturdy as a six-cylinder option but it is smooth and reasonably powered for manoeuvring in town and on wide roads. The claimed fuel average is 5.7 litres for a hundred kilometres journey but in real life, it is not easy to reach this ideal figure. For all terrains, it is a nice option.

Tailgate is powered so you need not come out

Air suspension is added to enhance ride quality so when all seats are occupied and load area is also full even then ride height is adjusted and you do not need to worry about filling cargo area.

When put in comparison this cargo area is the most generous with 640-litre capacity while competitors fall behind. Tailgate is powered so you need not come out to open it. This can be extended to 1820 litres by using remote to flip seats.

For large gears, you can get 1m by 1m boot space so this flexibility is quite handy for excursions. Some aspects are missing with all these great features like no big room under the boot area, no spare wheel and no rear-facing seats.

The last feature is not even available in the list of options so you will miss this old Mercedes wagons’ facility. The cabin is designed to cater five passengers including the driver and all of them remain in a good posture on a long drive.

A panoramic sunroof is an option but in these models to you have good knee and headroom so all different versions are equally comfortable for passengers. With decent airflow, you do not need the third climate control zone option for this relatively big automobile.

A pair of 12.3 inches LCD panels

Central armrest with cup holders is a nice addition to enhance the luxury feel. Two USB points are there in the front centre console but are missing in the rear armrest. A pair of 12.3 inches LCD panels and touchpads are mounted on the steering wheel to keep things simple and easy to use.

You could have problem with the touchpads on steering as they sometimes react with little delay and it will enhance with damp thumbs of the person controlling it so you need to be accurate and a bit patient while using these controls.

All company’s driver assistance, safety and protection features are present as standard features and you need not pay extra for them.

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