Land Rover Discovery Grandeur Redefined in New Style

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Land Rover Discovery Grandeur Redefined in New Style

21 Apr 2017
Land Rover Discovery

A big size family SUV with high quality driving experience

Think about a spacious cabin with luxury guaranteed and a driving fun you will never forget. Land Rover Discovery is an SUV you will drive again and again with pleasure and no complain. Whether off or on road, the pull of the vehicle is amazing and the engine power makes you ride it again and again. The Land Rover has certainly worked a lot in designing an automobile that is practical family car with a splendid interior and high level handling standards. The transformation from the old look is outstanding and the curves and cuts describe its successful update in its class.

A Single Powerful Engine:

Land Rover Discovery comes with a single engine offer. The 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo diesel produces 252 bhp which means it can accelerate for 0-60mph in 8.8 seconds. The eight speed automatic gearbox is perfect for on-road performance. Although you can shift to manual gearbox but it will be unnecessary as the automatic gear box depicts a good piece of engineering and smooth shift.

How the Car moves around?

The vehicle shows sufficient power for driving through the road, overtaking on highway is not a problem, it is done without an extra struggle of the engine. The air suspension feature makes the car light as if it is floating on the road rather than driving on it. It seems as if the road is not minding a big vehicle of this size traveling on it. The same is the story with steering; it is not a hard thing to handle. The steering feels as light as compared to the size of the car and it is very easy to run the vehicle around with a light steering. Thanks to the light weight of the SUV, the car controls work superb, as it is usually difficult in large vehicles the car feels heavy on road and handling become tiresome. But in case of Land Rover Discovery, the car moves around effortlessly. The specialty of this vehicle is when it is on the cliffs or water streams, the off road drive is more fun and of high intensity. You will love the difficult paths endeavored with this much ease by this four wheel drive.

Interior Comfort and safety:

The interior is very comfortable with raised seats and a touch of luxury to the dashboard. There is lots of room for the driver and the passengers, in the rear however only two adults can fit in comfortably due to less shoulder space. The folding of seats is an easy to use system, although the rearmost seats are heavy but once they are up there is a lots of space for the luggage or for any other purpose. The head and legroom are comfortable; the journey remains comfortable throughout the ride. There are five cameras for parking or surround view purpose so that the large sized vehicle does not get stuck in narrow areas. There are more airbags, blind spot monitoring as well as an ESP and reverse traffic alert in the upgraded version. The vehicle is behind other vehicles of its class in the safety features, and is not upto the standard rating.

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