Land Rover Discovery 3 drives like a monster with TDV6 engines

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Land Rover Discovery 3 drives like a monster with TDV6 engines

4 Oct 2019
Land Rover Discovery 3 reconditioned engines

Not easy to maintain top position but it is Land Rover Discovery 3, always the first choice of SUV lovers

Yes, that’s true, Land Rover planned to drive this giant SUV just like a monster with its newly built TDV6 engines and they achieve that performance to the most extent. These engines have a belt is driven, engine-powered cooling fan system which ensures the continuous flow of the air. It is delivering the best performance too.

A crossover piping system used to bring exhaust out of the engines, turbochargers are on the left, solenoid injectors for extreme performance, and fuel delivery system is also special with piezo actuators.

All this comes in 2.7-litre TDV6 engines 3.0-litre TDV8 engines. As engines are the machines and they can go wrong any time, thus it is necessary to know that what could go wrong on these engines.

So what are the most common issues?

In the Land Rover Discovery 3 engines, a turbocharger is the one which usually has a greater probability to go wrong and is one of the easy jobs for the workshops and mechanics. The turbocharger can be detached by just lifting up the body in a very short time.

Routine maintenance includes timing belt change, tensioners and pulleys adjustments and they are necessary to examine to save the engine from any damage. These fixes are not that costly and can be added to the routine maintenance.

Power tune up

Ultimately, the Discovery 3 TDV6 engine is one of the most efficient, reliable and powerful engines and its strength allows it to be tuned up for even extreme performance for even higher levels similar to the engines used in Ford and they can be tuned up for extra power.

For the power boost tune-up treatment, you must keep in mind that the default settings are to save gearbox because the gearboxes are not designed to handle torque more than these engines are currently producing. At higher power tune-up, the gearbox can face serious problems.

Bad or rusty oil problems

As these engines are specially designed to go off-road, there is a higher probability of rusty oil because of the heavy use of the engine in unfavourable driving conditions. Just like all other diesel engines, it is important to feed the TDV6 diesel engine with high-quality engine oil at right intervals.

Poor or average quality engine oil can damage the engine and reduce the power delivery capability. The bad engine oil can wear the turbocharger bearings and the oil can pool into the intercooler or might surge into the combustion chambers which would lead to white smoke.

Bad quality oil is also big harm for the engine components, including camshafts, drive chains, piston rings, crankshaft and bearings and ultimately can reduce the compression. It is vital to keep and maintain the service history of the engine.

Timing chain issues

There is a short chain used on both cylinder banks to transfer the drive inlet cams from the exhaust cams. The right-hand one is fitted at the rear of the engine and the left-hand one fitted at the front of the engine.

This problem was noticed in the early engines that they were suffering from the cam chain issues and the cam chain and tensioner system was most of the times causing issues. The chain problems were really severe were jumping of the chain out of the teeth and ruining the entire engine causing massive bills to the owners.

It is always advised by the mechanics and the garages that if you hear any rattling sound from your engine, you must contact your garage to see if there is anything wrong with the engine or the timing chains.

Now in the modern engines including the TDV6 engines, you do not need to worry about these issues as these parts are replaceable and are reasonably priced at the same time.

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