Jaguar C-X75 Leads Spectre along with Range Rover Sport  

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Jaguar C-X75 Leads Spectre along with Range Rover Sport  

14 Feb 2015
Spectre Cars

The new bond movie will arrive in cinemas from November 2015 with new models of Jaguar and Land Rover will appear as villain’s cars

Sometime in December 2014, the news of Bond movie cars stolen from Germany made headlines and it was feared that the movie would probably delay but the good news is, it won’t be late, and for the James Bond film Spectre, famous auto car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed its line-up that’s going to star in this episode. You’ll be seeing Jaguar C-X75 hypercar in an outstanding car chase, going head-to-head throughout the Rome with Aston Martin DB10, specially made car for Bond. Along with Jag, notable appearances will be made of two modified Land Rovers.


One of the most spectacular scenes of movie Spectre will be British marques’ inner-city chase where the main villain will be challenging the Bond while driving his Jaguar C-X75. It would be really great to see this impressive car in action as backin December 2012, C-X75 project was shelved because of some untold reasons.



Some modifications have been carried out on C-X75 by Williams Advanced Engineering, they have borrowed a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 Jaguar engine from F-Type coupe especially for the film, the original concept actually was powered by a hybrid powertrain.

It’s not that you’ll only be seeing the modified Jag in the movie, the in-house Special Vehicle Operations division of Jaguar has something really rare and brilliant stored for you and they are calling it ‘Big Foot’. That’s a heavily modified version of Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Sport SVR which has also undergone extensive modification and will appear in scenes which are filmed in Australia.


You might be wondering what this Special Vehicle Operations division is. It’s a new high performance and bespoke division of Jaguar-Land-Rover which is responsible for giving car some high-performance treatment. This division has thus fitted huge 37-inch off-road tyres, modified suspension systems along with enhanced body protection which will enable the vehicles to withstand the rigorous treatment they’ll be receiving during the film.

We are really eager to watch their favourite cars in the modified guise engaged in super-fast high-speed chase.

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