How and why Land Rover Discovery rules over the SUV world from past many years

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How and why Land Rover Discovery rules over the SUV world from past many years

25 Sep 2019
Land Rover Discovery engine

Diesel engines ruled the world and still in action even with hard sanctions on them

Diesel engines have indeed ruled the world for more than 100 years and they are still in dominance because of their power sophistication, smoothness and ultimate torques. These engines called the torque machines indeed, Land Rover has also taken full advantage of these engines in their historic and iconic Land Rover Discovery models for decades.

They have improved the performance and capability of these Land Rover Discovery engines to deliver a lot. As the Discovery models are one of the best off-roading machines and people love to go off-road with the Discovery models. This is all because of the Land Rover Discovery TDV6 and TDV8 engines.

TDV6 engines come in 2.7-litre V6 turbocharged configuration and are a big step forward in the Land Rover engines department. The 2.7 litre TDV6 engines have earned a lot of respect in the past and now are the well-known diesel engines for their performance, smoothness, refinement, and power delivery, fuel economy doesn’t matter when you go off-road, and otherwise, when it comes to the motorway cruising, they have respectable figures to show.

Compared to the old generation of the Land Rover TD5 engines, which they have replaced, the TDV6 engines are extra efficient, super smooth, more torque and ultra-responsive, in other words, there is no comparison between TD5 and TDV6 engines. According to one of our team members and engine expert, these are the real power generation machines born to lead the SUVs like Land Rover Discovery.

The History of Land Rover Engines

Land Rover diesel engines were introduced in the early 20th century with the start-up of the marque in the UK by Leyland motors. It was the time when diesel engines were in developing phase and only four-cylinder engines were available in Land Rover models. Other automakers like Ford and German manufacturers have introduced the 4 cylinder engines way after Land Rover.

Land Rover remained a subdivision of several automakers in the past were BMW, Ford, and even the PSA group have managed the iconic marque. BMW introduced its straight 6 engine in the time when Land Rover was relying on its TD5 engines.

BMW soon after their introduction of these engines have sold the Land Rover to Ford, the world’s largest automaker across the globe. Ford has then started making its engines as Ford could not buy engines and the technical support from BMW. Ford then used their engines for Land Rover models for many years.

What engine was introduced first?

As Ford promised to its Land Rover audiences that they will introduce the next Land Rover model with their engine, which would give more power and refinement than the One is being used in the current models. They introduced their engine, it was a 2.7-litre diesel engine developed in the collaboration with PSA group in Paris.

The engine was developed under the design instructions from Land Rover because Land Rover was well aware of the need of the time that what type of engine they need for its vehicles.

Land Rover has given full detail of the engine and it was designed and developed as per requirements. The first 2.7-litre diesel engine was introduced in Discovery and then was extended to be used in Range Rover sports models.

It was the first TDV6 diesel engine, produced and was one of its kind of engine, lightweight, powerful, ultra-refined, and fuel-efficient at the same time built with a graphite iron block to control the weight of the engine while being at the same strength and power.

A dry weight of 200kg was calculated for the engine which was slightly lower than BMW V8 engines. A TDV6 engine was significantly lighter than the BMW 3.0 litre engines and the ones being used in the Land Rover by BMW.

Land Rover Discovery Engine with special treatment

As now Jaguar comes under Land Rover and they have almost a lot of same engines to share in their vehicles under both brands. But Land Rover Discovery is an ultimate off-roader and it has different requirements than those who just cruise on the roads.

The TDV6 engine used in the Jaguar S Type and even in the PSA models is way different from the One used in the Discovery models. There are several basic differences which a layman can see, the engine sumps are different, oil picking pans under the oil pump nozzle has been modified to Land Rover standards, and the engine block itself has been slightly tweaked to fit in the Discovery models.

The Land Rover Discovery TDV6 engines also fitted with power boost system to use different intakes and newly added modern turbochargers according to the needs e.g. on the steep inclines and off-roading conditions. The turbochargers used at the Land Rover TDV6 engines are also more advanced and designed to the Land Rover standards and they are not similar to the ones used on Jaguar or PSA engines. Plus, now it is easy to get these powerful Land Rover Discovery replacement engines from authorised dealers as well.

Land Rover uses these modified engines to achieve the highest possible levels of effective performance in uncertain and unsuitable driving conditions at low speeds. It also helps to achieve higher torque and power at the same time.

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