Fiat Ducato Big and Best of Vans

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Fiat Ducato Big and Best of Vans

25 Nov 2020
Fiat Ducato Van

Two other vans are also from the same platform but Ducato is leading them

Commercial vans are supposed to meet the needs of different buyers with flexibility to adopt required roles. Fiat Ducato was designed with the same approach so since the launch of the vehicle, it has been serving well. This early success earned great repute for the van and the same has been maintained in the large van sector.

Two other vans are also from the same platform but Ducato is leading them due to excellence in different areas. It is a competent van and many buyers use it as motor-home. You get quality, tech features, safety features, durability and comfort when you decide to own this large vehicle.

It has been named as best motor home base for 13th time in 2020. This consecutive winning of the class surely proved all claims made by Fiat for its Ducato. It is in markets for almost four decades and innovative approach has maintained this level of response from experts. This time you receive nine speed transmissions which function automatically.

Driving with this inclusion has become relaxed and less engaging. Variety of engines is another reason for selling Ducato in large numbers. You can get Fiat engines for sale for your old vehicles which undoubtedly a cost affecting option and ease for those who are looking for the replacement engines. The new engine of 2.3 litres is Euro 6d-TEMP so you have another option to pull your van.

Diesel gives you better fuel average and muscle to pull while meeting Euro6 standards. Selling half a million Ducato in Europe over the last ten years manifests popularity of the van as motor home.

The most advanced driver assistance system

For this large van, a 2.3 litre unit is quite effective as it delivers power smoothly. You also get desired comfort while ride and drive. You can choose from its four different power variants ranging from 120 hp to 180 hp.

Multi jet 2 technology ensures a combination of strong power and fuel efficiency. Fiat Ducato engines UK is a source to get power unit which may serve your need of pulling efficiently while keeping running cost low. The four power variants are built by following turbocharger design.

Most advanced driver assistance system is present in these vehicles so nothing has been missed by Fiat for its best van. A specific suspension is fitted in the motor home base model. A long list of other specifications is there to enhance comfort. These features let you drive and enjoy leisure time.

Recreational vehicle market has its own dynamics and Fiat has dedicated team to keep improving for serving needs of the buyers. The infotainment system has also been made better for the present model and exterior also got some fresh touches. Price has been raised a bit for all improvements in Ducato.

The new turbocharger of engine adapts to speed and driving style for best performance all the time. Nine speed transmissions help the vehicle to use fuel smartly and keep fuel consumption low. The most powerful engine reaches to a maximum torque of 450 Nm which clearly indicates the muscle it carries.

Electronically controlled fuel pump and start-stop technology make sure fuel efficiency, which is important for reduced carbon emission. These features are standard so all Ducato are intelligent fuel users.

Repair of the timing belt and proper lubricating

Drivers get aides like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and emergency brakes which come into play automatically. Fiat timing chain does not need to be replaced unless your mechanic suggests so. Repair of the timing belt and proper lubricating can do the trick.

You also need to be alert for service intervals and get them done in time. Another important aspect is the timely replacement of parts as per the service manual. This would save your money and time too. Timing chains and timing chain kits are easily available.

The new infotainment system has seven inches touch screen, Apple Car-play, Android Auto and DAB radio so except little size everything is of a luxury car specification. The satellite navigation system of the van allows you to feed dimensions of the vehicle so that you may not be guided to streets which are not suitable for the size of the vehicle.

Very intelligently designed features of the van will make you a fan of Ducato and your desire to own it will become stronger. It is said that the van is available with more than ten thousand configurations.

Clutch and gear shifting is controlled

The comfortable auto gearbox is available with all models of the van except the entry level. This gearbox gives you smooth acceleration, better fuel average and relaxed driving experience. The van is kept in the right gear so the engine remains at ease.

Clutch and gear shifting is controlled by the electro hydraulic actuator so every action is perfect. You are also at liberty to select from three different modes of the gearbox, auto, semi auto and manual. It seems ideal for all drivers to have this kind of choice. For different driving conditions, you have different modes and auto mode has the ability to change response according to the situation.

In semi auto mode driver’s touch can shift either to a higher or lower gear. Manual mode also does not require much exercise from drive to change gears. In this way, you get back increased fuel efficiency up to 5% and engine efficiency with the relaxation of drivers is another benefit.

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