Compare Manufacturer’s Emission Claims With The Real World Emission Results

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Compare Manufacturer’s Emission Claims With The Real World Emission Results

8 Dec 2015
European Emissions

New car buyers will be able to get a real-world emission figures issued by Emission Analytic firm from 2016


The customers got confused because of lies and lies, the lies about emission figures, the lies about engine efficiency. All this wrong doing is happening under the nose of official authorities and they are unable to hold them accountable and fail to protect consumer trusts and beliefs.

But Emission Analytic’s has solved the problem of false claims of emission figures. Now you can trust, based on facts and only facts. Welcome to the new world.


Technically Advance Tools


According to the details, Emission Analytic’s firm has developed its field expertise. The firm has right set of skills, in-depth knowledge and understanding of emissions and field expertise of on-road emission tests. Emission Analytic has tested about 1,000 vehicles since its launch by 2011.

Emission Analytic’s uses technically advance tools to measure real world emission figures. It is important to mention that Emission Analytic uses the exact tools which will be used by the European Union Emission Authorities by 2017 to check the manufacturers claim about emissions and mpg numbers.


Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS)


Emission Analytic’s has developed state of the art mechanism to measure the emission figures. The firm adopts portable emission measurement system (PEMS), basically this system helps to measure actual pollution figures of a particular car while on the road. The system allows to release a “rank” for any particular car based on the actual findings.


The top management of the firm revealed that Emission Analytic’s will release a rank of every particular car based on the real findings. The rating or ranking scheme will release the actual emissions numbers of all vehicles and the data will be available publically. It will be separate from the manufacturers’ claims and emissions certificate issued by official authorities.


Solution of the Biggest Challenge


Emission Analytic’s has solved the biggest challenge of the times because the customers are reluctant to believe official claims in the wake of VW scam. Emission Analytic’s has engaged the specialists with diverse expertise and background. The firm will operate independently and its panel will have people from the academics, automobile industry and experts of air quality.

The rating scheme will have positive impacts on all stakeholders. Emission Analytic’s will issue actual findings of the emitted amount of NOx, CO2 and other pollutants and will release a rank for particular car from 2016 based on these findings.

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