13 Popular Car Brands and Their Names

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13 Popular Car Brands and Their Names

27 Dec 2016
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13 popular car brands and their names

Cars have great importance in our daily life and they are very commonly used vehicles by almost every one of us in the UK. People use them to go to the office, get their children to the schools, and go for shopping and or for an outing maybe, anyway, these are some of the uses of cars in our routine life but there is a massive list which proves that they are our most imperative part of life. There is still a divide in usage that for majority it’s a need and for some it’s really a matter of their status in the general public. What so ever purpose it fills for you there are some really interesting things associated with cars which this is the point where brands came in to fill in this gap between needs and status.

Car! A need or sign of status

Need of mobility can be fulfil through a small hatchback but for the status and reputation, it is important to have a car from a well reputed brand like Rolls Royce or Mercedes maybe. There are hundreds of car manufacturers in the world these days but are you aware of like about the history of cars and the people who invented and then started manufacturing the cars across the globe and known as the automobile pioneers? If not, you must not aware of the key people behind this luxurious yet needed world of automobiles. The pioneers of the cars, the names like Francois Isaac De Rivaz and Karl Benz, they invented the cars and then started manufacturing them. But after their invention and initial work on the cars, there were number of players who took part in the manufacturing of cars. However, it is the reality of life that no one knows the person next to Neil Armstrong who stepped on the moon. As he was equally important part of the mission.

Car sales and major players

Do you have any knowledge about the car sales across the globe these days? These are in millions, everyday people sale and purchase cars. There are both new as well as used cars and engine, and everyone has his own likes and dislikes. One should go for the appearance, other will ask for the comfort but there are some folks who love have powerful engines in their cars. But who manufacture these variants across the globe?

These days, there are two main players in the world, Japanese and Germans, followed by a number of manufacturers but these two manufacturers hardly left one third of the market share for them. Toyota leads the list followed by BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen then again Japanese came in with Honda. Other famous brands like Audi and FORD, Nissan and Land Rover comes after. In this infographic, you will get some knowledge about the Etymology of the words, I mean brand names.

Who named your car?

Majority of people including you have a car and most probably was purchased wisely, after some research and homework on the brand value and resale value etc. but have ever thought about the name of your car that where it came from? Most probably no, but there should be a great story behind the name of your Mercedes-Benz or whatever car you have.  Well, this infographic will try to disclose the sources that from where these brand name started. This infographic has 13 popular car brands and their stories in short that how they were started and from where their names came. Let’s get into the infographic and know about cars and their brand names which most of us not know about.

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