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About us

Welcome to Engine Prices, your number one source for new, reconditioned and used engines for all kind of cars and light commercial vehicles. We are committed to presenting you the very best of automobile engines, with a focus on cheap and competitive prices, quality and reliability with class leading customer services.

Our Business

Engine Prices is one of the leading engine suppliers with a focus on price and quality. We have been a leading force in the modern vehicle engine aftermarket for a long time. We also offer fitting services for you and always have been the 1st to take benefit of new expertise to help you to save money on prices.

Our Strengths

Price and warranty are two key factors that are generally investigated before you purchase a foreign or locally built unit online. At Engine Prices, we facilitate our customers to buy any replacement, reconditioned, used or new engines. We know that it can be a daunting task to buy something as expensive as an engine online. That's why we go to great extents to give you peace of mind needed to make a smart, well-thought of decision. Here's how we help you buy with self-assurance: and this is our strength.

How we serve you?

We allow you to search our massive stock of engines online where you can view prices and order your required unit. There aren't many engine suppliers undertaking this practice. On other hand, we have well trained engine experts and excellent customer service staff who know what they are doing. All the engines we sell come with free warranty. Engine Prices is proud of its tradition which is based on providing automobile lovers with premium quality services.

A socially responsible business

Our devotion of serving you at our best doesn't stop here; we take part in social and community projects which benefit general public. As a company, Engine Prices is socially responsible hence we also support lots of local charities. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us on our 24/7 customer service and give us a call on or email us at